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I draw ponies. Ponies in your face :icongustaokayplz:

Thank You... by jennyleigh.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot






Dragon Dental Crew by SoulSpade
Dragon Dental Crew
Ok, not the best quality thing I've drawn, this was originally just a sketch that I decided to hastily line and color for the fun of it. I promise next time I'll try to make something more polished, but this was fun just to do for the silly scenario. Yay for blue sky filler backgrounds =D

On another note, I'm in a dragon drawing mood. You might have noticed that from my past couple posts, but yeah, I'm gonna be drawing a lot of them for now if I can. But I haven't forgotten my ponies, so I might try incorporating the two into things like this drawing here.

Oh and if you're curious, Twilight's book says "Dentistry for Dummies" (we all know it should be 'for Eggheads', but hey I didn't write the thing).
Orange and Blue by SoulSpade
Orange and Blue
So this is my first drawing using Sai, though I only used it for the sketching and line-art. The coloring and background I did in Photoshop. I'm both proud and a little disappointed with this one XD I loved how the lines were coming out, but things seemed to go down hill as went to add color (at that point, I was just really wanting to finish the thing).

I also used this drawing as an opportunity to practice feathered wings, which I really want to learn how to do better in detail. It's gonna take more practice before I get to what I'm ideally shooting for.

Anyway, hope you guys like this all the same c:

EDIT It is now, not so blue, but instead more orange. Orange and Blue. I think they complement one another.
Rawr Rawrington by SoulSpade
Rawr Rawrington
Hey everyone! I'm using this post as an update of sorts, so if you happened to click on this here flying lizard thing, awesome c:

So, my spring semester has been tidied up and summer has arrived! Ah, it's good to be able to finally relax after all the rehearsals, practices, study sessions, and finals :'D

And I knew that I was in need of a visit to dA, I always feel so guilty when I have to go away for a while D: 

That being said, I want to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday while I was gone. I really wish I had been able to respond to all the comments! The fact that you all continue to support me is something I never take for granted :thanks: 

On another note, I very recently got my hands on Paint Tool Sai, and I have been taking a little bit of time to familiarize myself with its features. So far I'm finding it to be a wonderful program, and if I can get some arts to come out of my tinkering, I'll surely be uploading them ^^

That's really all I have to say for now, I've got a lot of messages I need to sift through so I'll be taking care of that XD
Eragon and Saphira by SoulSpade
Eragon and Saphira
I've been re-reading the Eragon series, as it was a favorite of mine that I never got to finish all the way through. I'm currently on Book 2: Eldest, and I was surprised how much I had already forgotten, which is a shame considering how amazing it is.

Anyways, I decided a little bit of fanart was in order, since Eragon helped fuel my already prominent love for dragons and worlds of fantasy and magic c: I'm pretty satisfied with how it came out, though I did have to grapple with a few things I'm not very good at (like drawing people)

I kinda worked in my own design for Saphira, somewhat intermixing the book cover's art with the movie's design with my own imagination.

That's pretty much all I have to say on it, hope you like it =P
Tribal Dragon V.2 by SoulSpade
Tribal Dragon V.2
Good news everyone, I'm not dead! :D But holy geez, have I been gone. Like for a long time. This upload is gonna act sorta as an update to what I've been up to all this time. The best answer to that is really: college.

I'm currently beginning my music-intensive classes, since I plan to be a music major, and that entails a veery busy life. Hours of practice outside class, as well as other musical obligations have all but taken up any real time I have had to focus on being present on dA.

That being said, this is unfortunately not a sign of my return to this site, and I still won't be able to post regularly as I once did. However, I want to make it a priority to check in, reply to messages, ensure my watchers that I didn't just pack up and leave without saying goodbye. After all, the friendships I've made here and the support I've been graciously blessed with continue to mean as much as they always have! c:

To finish off, I'm curious to know how everyone's been. I feel reeally out of the loop right now, I won't lie XD


To shed a little light on the drawing so it's not a mystery, I decided to re-draw the first deviation I ever posted on my first (and abandoned) deviantArt account.

This one to be precise: Tribal Dragon by NoteShuffle  Ta-ta for now, you nice people


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My thanks for any support I get :iconpointslaplz:

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Hey Everybody (Update)

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 3, 2014, 5:35 PM

Ok, so I've been meaning to write a journal for some time now, just to give an update on what I've been up to lately.

My inactivity here hasn't really gone away, but I don't intend to call it quits either. In all honesty, I'm just waiting for an opportunity to present itself, where I can post more regularly. At the very least, I want to be able to keep in touch with you guys.

College has been the main reason  for my being away, and maintaining good grades has meant little to no time on dA. Most of my drawings these days are pencil to paper doodles and sketches, which is never gonna stop cause that's just what I love to do, especially when I'm bored. I might post those from time to time.

Another reason, though not as important, is my gaming. Team Fortress 2. Warframe. Borderlands 2. Bravely Default. Etc, etc. Whatever the name, they too have been a sizable investment in my time. Between the games and my assignments, I don't make much time for my account here. However, I hope that little by little I can work to change that.

I just want to know if my journals are an effective way to do that. I myself admit to not being a huge reader of journals on dA, unless of course they're important. It would be nice to know just how many of you guys read these. 

Lastly, I just want to once again thank all who are patiently watching me, your support never goes without appreciation. I feel I owe you an explanation for all the silence, especially when my last bit of activity here was with the intention of making a return. It seems my 'hiatus' will be a little more on going than I ever wanted. Sorry about that folks. That wasn't in the plan.

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Read his profile. He said he dosen't lol 
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Man, I really need to actually look through my notifications more often... I completely missed that you came back with some art ._.

But hey, at least I only missed it by like, a week ._. It's good to see your back dude. I look forward to seeing more, even if it's only in between your studies ^_^.
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welcome back to DA, even its not like..a proper thing that you're back but you've been posting which is cool!

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Hey, long time no see :D Yes, I remember you, no worries there

How's it going? I haven't made any sort of official return, mostly cause I don't want to make any promises about my activeness, but as long as I'm able I'm trying to get back into having a presence on dA again c:
A-Psycho-Banana Featured By Owner May 17, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:D awh yea

Its going good, yourself? 
Ah that's fair enough, its nice to see you uploading again even if its not very often (: 
SoulSpade Featured By Owner May 17, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I've been doing good as well, school has kept me preoccupied, but I still enjoy it c: With my free time I'm getting to finally check up on things here, get in touch with my pals, post a thing or two, all that good stuff :D
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